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The Lion King - the multi-award winning musical
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About The Lyceum Theatre

One of the biggest and most impressive West End playhouses, the Lyceum Theatre seats 2107 people split across three enormous levels. Lavish and ornate, it's right in the heart of London’s famous Covent Garden, surrounded by exciting tourist attractions as well as great places to eat, drink and be merry before and after the show. In fact the entire area is vibrant and bustling more or less 24/7, a thrilling place to be whether or not you're going to the theatre.

What's it most famous for? The Lyceum has been home to Disney's The Lion King since 1999, delighting literally millions of children and their parents.

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Audience Latest Reviews

Amazing work. The sets were very clever, there is so much colour. The choreography and changing sets are so proffessional not a glitch throughout; the dancers are perfect so strong and fit with beautiful smiles.The singing is heartfelt and soulful.Young Nala has a voice to look out for! My favourite was the soothsayer her part was so magical and what a voice. I was so happy for them all I was crying at the end. Im 62 but if you are a small child this must be so magical! We came for our childs 21st birthday we are so glad we chose to do the show by way of celebrating 21 years!
Roz, 20 May 2024
Fantastic show,great costumes,well acted Really enjoyed it Music amazing
Guy, 18 May 2024
Much changed
I saw this same show 8 years ago and was blown away. However this time around wasn't so and more disappointed. I found the acting apart from mufasa, rafiki and pumba to be underwhelming. Examples being scar seemed to either mis time and speed up "be prepared" and reminded me of the live action film, which also wasn't a fan. Also he seemed to be less dominant than the character demands. I found young Simba's singing in "can't wait to be king" to slow and pronunciation of the words almost spoken, same for be prepared. Zazus character became more and more panto as the performance went on which actually annoyed me. I did like the singing of the usually background music from the film. The version of feel the love tonight seemed to lack emphasis the song deserves. The random adding of scar wanting Nala as a queen was weird and lead knowhere. One massive bug bear was mufasa over touching young simba. I get there's meant to be a father son emotion but he doesn't need to touch him that much. As a father of young children really put me off.
Matthew, 15 May 2024

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