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The Lion King - the multi-award winning musical
You hope all nights in the theatre will be like this!
It lights up the West End with a blaze of fabulous imagination

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Sunday, 1 August 2021

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Saturday, 19 October 2024

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2h 30m (incl. interval)

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The Lion King

In 1999 The Lion King, already a hit, took to the stage at the Lyceum. In autumn 2014 it was named the 'most successful production of all time'. The Lion King has generated more than £3.8 billion pounds in ticket sales and over 75 million of us have seen and adored it so far. So what's the world's favourite ever musical about?

The action is set against the beautiful Serengeti Plains of Africa. The colours are glorious, the costumes are breathtakingly intricate, the puppetry is extraordinary... and the show tunes, written by Sir Elton John, are quite simply inspirational. You'll love the heart-warming story of little Simba the lion cub, who can't wait to become the king of the pride. But his nasty Uncle Scar has other plans and when tragedy strikes Simba, certain he's unwanted, runs away. Without him the Pride, led by the evil Scar and his hyena henchmen, soon begins to suffer.

An epic journey follows. Will Simba's loyal friends Timon and Pumbaa be able to help put the past behind him? Will he ever become king, heal the great Pride Lands and restore the magic of the circle of life? You'll have to come and see. No matter what your age, tastes or inclinations it'll put a huge smile on your face.

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Young Couples:

So creative!
Great show and amazing music. Mufasa character wasnt great. Felt a but rushed and acting not as mature or genuine but the rest was aaamazing all the actors nailed their parts!
Aisha, 19 Feb 2024
Absolutely fab. The costumes and puppetry are amazing.
Ginnette, 17 Feb 2024
Brilliant must see
Seen twice family seen three and took grandchildren age 7/9 for first time loved it
Lavinia, 16 Feb 2024
Met expectations
Truly magical. Would happily see it again in a hurry!! Drinks extortionate so take your own!!
cath, 15 Feb 2024
Just Magical
This show is so beautiful. The costumes are fantastic, the dancing is superb and the whole show is a feast for the eyes and the ears!
Ruth, 04 Feb 2024
Fantastic show
Aneta, 29 Jan 2024
Fabulous show
Feel good theatre!
Denise, 28 Jan 2024
Good evening entertainmeny
Amanda, 20 Jan 2024
One of the best west end shows we've seen. The costumes and puppetry are just fantastic. We were in the grand circle, a long way up but good value and we had a good view.
Susie, 11 Jan 2024
Stunning show, highly recommended
Navin, 11 Jan 2024
Fabulous show The acting of the characters were brilliant & we couldn’t take our eyes off the stage I took my grand children & they loved it The trip was worth the look on their faces
Sharon, 08 Jan 2024
A colorful dream between fairy tale and reality
A crescendo of emotions for adults and children
Isabella, 03 Jan 2024
Lovely experience as always!
Its the third time we watch this show in London, and has again been an amazing experience all together. The only downsides are probably the expensive side of things, from tickets to bar.
Evangelia, 31 Dec 2023
One of the best musicals I’ve seen so far.. loved every minute of it.. The only disappointment I had was the behavior of other guest… eating and drinking during the show shall not be allowed .. this is not cinema, and there shall be appreciation for the performance on stage as well as other sitting next to you.. as well as people shall not be allowed in once performance started .. today it was a continuous movement between the raws that disturbed viewing..
Olga, 31 Dec 2023
The show was amazing and the actors / singers quite impressive. The actor playing Scar had unfortunately a low voice. Overall the play was awesome, we would definitely recommend it!!
Gaia, 30 Dec 2023
Sorprendente per gli effetti scenici. Coreografie perfette.
Seconda parte un po' lenta, si poteva sintetizzare
Giuseppa, 23 Dec 2023
This was absolutely amazing!!! The whole thing is incredible. Massive job to put something like this together. Well done. I absolutely loved it!!!
Samantha, 21 Dec 2023
A must see show
Great music fantastic acting Great experience
Charlotte, 20 Dec 2023
Absolutely amazing
Every moment was enjoyable. Colours, acting, singing, humour were perfect. Would recommend
Helen, 16 Dec 2023
A beautiful show
Amazing, we flew from Sweden and it was the best theater we have seen.
Mina, 10 Dec 2023
Great experience
We visited the show with our daughter. We all enjoyed it very much. Dynamic, nice costumes, excellent acting. Music an sound perfect.
Jean Paul, 07 Dec 2023
Colourful and spectacle
We did enjoyed it a lot during our London weekend
Ben, 26 Nov 2023
Music and costumes
I didn't like the seats weren't comfortable
Rosa, 25 Nov 2023
What a wonderful show.. well done to all the cast.. well worth going to see
Irene, 20 Nov 2023
Great show ?
I thoroughly enjoyed the performance. We had the front row seats but they did come at a big cost!
Sumaiya, 19 Nov 2023
Still fabulous
Wow! A great spectacle
Michelle, 16 Nov 2023
Wow, from the very first second this show is magnificent. The cast, the production, the costumes... superb. An absolute must see. There's a reason why this show has been filling theatres for 20 years.
Georgina, 16 Nov 2023
Show was brilliant I couldn't fault it, however was sat next to noisy school children talking having phones out was very disappointing and off putting from the wonderful show just disappointing that nothing was said, also staff keep walking up and down standing in my way for some time.
Siobhan, 15 Nov 2023
Lion king was amazing!
Amazing show. Highly recommend stalls to get immersive viewing!
Kerry, 15 Nov 2023
The costumes are unique!
De kostuums waren fantastisch, het is zeker een uniek spektakel. Het is minder mijn ding, duidelijk een dansmusical. Het hele openingsnummer geweend, zo mooi! Ze proberen enorm aan te sluiten bij de film, wat niet echt mogelijk is in musical. Dat levert een prachtige scene op voor 'the stampede', maar ook zwakke dialogen die niet vertalen in een musical.
Sofie, 14 Nov 2023
Great show!
Maree, 07 Nov 2023
It was breathtaking, I loved it and recommend it to everyone!
ANAIS, 02 Nov 2023
Even though we at the grand circle, our seats were good enough to see everything with the help of the binocular if you want to see their face expression of the details. The costumes were breathtaking, the songs were to cry for and the storyline had their original bits that keep us entertained. My 8yrs old son gave the show 10/10
Maneth, 29 Oct 2023
The show was even better than I thought in spite of all the good review.
Viola, 29 Oct 2023
Woefully insufficient toilet facilities for the large crowds
During the break there was a sea of people queuing for only a few toilets. For a central London venue it is woefully under-bathroomed. Would I go to this theatre again? Hmmm… Did I find it frustrating and did it affect my overall enjoyment of the performance? Undoubtedly yes.
Stefan, 27 Oct 2023
perfect for the 5th time
to many very young children for an evening show
Martin Kurt, 23 Oct 2023
Good, but honestly have experienced better
Story is of course, sets are great, but the young Simba actor was not the best and too many one/two person acts. I prefer large group acts which involve more performers. Those acts were by far the most fun. Overall a good show, but doesn’t compare to the likes of Wicked or Mary Poppins.
Anisa, 21 Oct 2023
Absolutely fantastic show soo worth every penny From start to finish soo many laughs Big big props to all the actors
lucas, 21 Oct 2023
Better then expected!
The show was truly marvelous!!
Céline, 04 Oct 2023
Everything was very professional about the show. Costumes we awesome . Can’t fault the show.
Silvana, 04 Oct 2023
Only one word describes the show - stunning.
Linda, 02 Oct 2023
colourful lively show
probably not suitable for smaller children under 7 or 8 great costumes, lively and followed the Disney movie line.
carl, 30 Sep 2023
wonderful play
I have seen it before 10 years ago and this is my child 1st time at the theatre and it couldn't have been better. my child now wants to go and see other plays. The one negative point is that I couldn't get a booster seat and I didn't know we could get one before this. it would have been nice to know for her experience would have been even greater.
Apiramy, 26 Sep 2023
Great if you like music and dancing
Great show but too much Dancing in some areas. Costumes and actor were great. They should defo ban popcorn s all you can hear is people getting with your mouths open. Kinda spoils things
Amy, 22 Sep 2023
Excellent family show
So colourful, entertaining and fabulous costumes. Well looked after by the disability assistance team. Thank you
Gillian, 22 Sep 2023
Amazing show from start to finish
Lillian, 21 Sep 2023
One of the most beautiful shows i ever seen, costums of the highest leve so were the cast.
Evelyne, 20 Sep 2023
Amazing production
Exquisite costumes, superb acting and good story line that is easy to follow. Great theatre and super helpful staff. Wonderful afternoon.
Christine, 10 Sep 2023
Bright and Colourful.
Bright and colourful, action started immediately and one was immediately focused. There were moments of topical humour. Full of familiar songs . Very creative production of the animals and visually very convincing.
Anne, 10 Sep 2023
This is the third time I have seen the show, the first time over 10 years ago. Now having kids and wife, its expensive… but worth the wait for theatre week. Its sad that the show is targeted for high income.
Graeme, 09 Sep 2023
Absolutely wonderful
The costumes, set and performances are absolutely amazing. This is my second time and I would see it again.
Nadine, 09 Sep 2023
Absolutely magnificent
Incredible stage production, amazing costumes & choreography with a brilliant cast. Wonderful effects which held us spellbound throughout the entire performance. Truly magnificent performance. 10/10
Valerie, 07 Sep 2023
Good show
I watch many show I thought this a a great family show
Stephen, 06 Sep 2023
The most beautiful play I Have ever seen
I can’t recommend it enough, it was marvellous: actors and actresses, music, costumes, the whole set up of the show, tje experience is full of emotion from beginning to end. I cried the whole way through!
Macarena, 04 Sep 2023
Wonderful, watch it again
I was speachless from the whole set, dancers,artists,musicians and the whole staff from the front of house as well. I saw they love what they do and the direction of the performance is impressive. I felt like could be a kid again for a few moment and the wisdom of the story (and Mufasa) spoke to me as well.
Bea, 03 Sep 2023
Literally one of the best things I’ve ever seen! From the props, the music, the costumes to the excellent performers! 10/10 would highly recommend! I was even reduced to tears due to how amazing it was!
Leanne, 02 Sep 2023
Presently suprised
Was fantastic I'm still buzzing days after
Gerald, 02 Sep 2023
Merveilleuse mise en scène et magnifiques voix
Les décors sont époustouflants les danseurs et chanteurs font une magnifique prestation et la mise en scène est parfaite .on ne sait plus où donner de la tête. C'est un spectacle féerique à voir et revoir ! les enfants n'ont même pas besoin de comprendre l'anglais pour apprécier ce spectacle !
stephanie, 31 Aug 2023
Best venue for Lion King!
I have seen this show in bigger venues (Houston & Broadway) but the intimacy and closeness of the actors made this production the most exciting!
Mary, 30 Aug 2023
I last saw this show approximately 25 years ago in Minnesota. I remembered it being spectacular and this followed suit! Incredible costumes, music and performance!
William, 27 Aug 2023
Brilliant from start to finish
We had a wonderful time watching the lion king,the costumes and music were amazing.
Tracy, 25 Aug 2023
Fantastic costumes great singing
What a wonderfull place staff absolutely friendly and helpfull a real must show to see
Janice, 16 Aug 2023
The music was amazing, touching additions to disneys story.
Zdenko, 07 Aug 2023
A must see
Show really good and costumes lovely
Michael, 06 Aug 2023
Second experience with Lion King
We were a bit disapointed, have seen part of Lion King in Disney Land Paris once and that experience had a higher standard. Our visit in Lyceum was first time for my two teens aged 17 and 19, we all thought it was a good show but we weren’t blown away. Unfortunately we had stats next to a family who translated and spoke during the whole show. That takes away some of the experience for the rest of us among with teenagers in the row in front who used their phones. Would have wished the staff were more around watching for phones/filming. Next time we choose a musical with more songs to lift the experience (like Mamma Mia)
Christina Schmidt, 30 Jul 2023
Amazing spectacle
This is the 2nd time my daughter and I have seen Lion King and it lived up to our expectations. Everything was absolutely amazing, actors,music. The costumes were extraordinary, ot was difficult to see where the human ended and the animal started. Wild happily come back again to see the show.
Gaynor, 30 Jul 2023
Fantastic- story is timeless
We had great seats couldn’t believe we fit 2nd row. My daughter and I had never seen this when it came out in Australia so it was a bonus to see it in London. Would definitely see it again
Christiana, 25 Jul 2023
Birthday Treat
This Theatre went above and beyond to make my Mums birthday treat to be spectacular. My Mum has limited mobility and lung cancer and staff went out of their way to be kind considerate and welcoming. The staff and cast made it a truly memorable occasion.My Mum loved every minute and it lived up to all her expectations. It was amazing spectacular and fantastic night.
Jackie, 24 Jul 2023
Must see
Amazing experience for everyone. Sitting in the stalls made it so much more inclusive and fun. A great production indeed. Everyone was spot on. However The lion king dad did not convince me , poor acting from him.
Luca, 22 Jul 2023
Must see - great for children too.
I first saw The Lion King many years ago which I thoroughly enjoyed so absolutely wonderful for me to be able to take my 12 year old and 10 year old grandsons visiting from abroad. They loved the story line, the costumes, the stage and how it changed and how the actors moved like the animals they presented. Grandsons clued mentally to all going on, with "shoulder" movement each time a jolly song was sang. A lovely opportunity for us to enjoy the theatre together. Great communication during interval, on way home and following days, incl. grandchildren sharing with parents too.
B, 18 Jul 2023
Amazed by the animal representation
Costumes and animal represent station was simply amazing and stole the show for me. Everything was good, but loved the spectacle and scenes. A must see.
Peter, 28 Jun 2023
Great show, must see!
It was a great show with nice twists to it. The live band and the costumes were fantastic. The cast did a very good job. You must see this show.
Kathleen, 21 Jun 2023
Eyes opened too the theater
Watch it it will blow your mind
Lee, 19 Jun 2023
Technical issues
There was technical issues and the show was cut short. But enjoyed it.
Naresh, 31 May 2023
awe-inspiring productions, animals brought to life on stage
Absolutely mind blowing, loved every minute
Pratima, 30 May 2023
Loin King show
What a spectacular show, especially the start. Very colourful. The volume of the speakers could be increased.
Ken, 28 May 2023
Amazing costumes definitely a show to see
From start to finish this show did not disappoint. Although seated in the grand circle row C we still had a very enjoyable time. Yes there were scenes that would’ve been so much better if in the stalls near the front, but for what we paid I have absolutely no regrets.
Alison, 21 May 2023
I think its gone downhill
I've seen the Lion King 4 times and absolutely loved it.This time we were surrounded by European students who were disruptive throughout the show, talking and moving around. I also felt the costumes and puppets weren't as elaborate or impressive as I've seen them before, nor the entrances from the auditorium. Even the singing didn't seem as loud or as strong this time. Bit disappointed for the first time after 4 exemplary shows so far.
Alison, 11 May 2023
Must see
Great show
EMMA, 09 May 2023
Entertainment at it's best. Colourful, humorous, codtumes are fantastic. Particularily loved the Giraffes.
maria, 09 May 2023
Very good
The animation and music were amazing, the content of the dialogue was possibly a little stilted.
Susan, 07 May 2023
Feast for the eyes
Fabulous show, costumes are amazing as is the puppetry. Great show for adults and children alike..there was a technical failure at the start of the show so they gad to restart 10 min later otherwise it was perfect
Jennifer, 06 May 2023
Must see, incredible props!
Everything was perfect but the stage presence of all the actors and props was truly marvellous! Fantastic all round
James, 03 May 2023
We had a blast
I took my friends from the country side with their 2 daughters and we all had a blast. The show is amazing
Yannick, 26 Apr 2023
Helt överväldigad - GÅ OCH SE DENNA. Nästan 3 timmar då man satt och verkligen njöt av allt. Enda nackdelen att man inte fick fota och ha minnen hem. MAGISK
Yvette, 25 Apr 2023
Amazing from start to finish
Superb in all respects
David, 22 Apr 2023
Wonderful experience and so glad I went
Wonderful show. The only negative was some noisy people at the end of the row talking throughout and trying to take photos.
Tracy, 20 Apr 2023
The show was fantastic but the sound was very low. We couldn't hear a lot of the words and people constantly talked in the royal circle for both acts.
Aoife, 20 Apr 2023
Amazing costumes
If you get the stall seats you have the performers pass by you and to the stage which is very fun
Molly, 20 Apr 2023
Breathtaking, although sound not always great from the stalls
I bsolutely loved the show. Everyone in the theatre seemed to love it too. The audience was clapping no end! The only reason for one less star is that from the right Side stalls, quite close to the stage, the sound was not very good. I could not make out Scar’s words when he was singing me the music was loud, s if the music was louder than his voice and Lao the sound was a bit too tinny for my liking. I expected more in that department, but overall, very pleased to have seen it and would recommend going!
Eirini, 19 Apr 2023
Such a spectacle. The costumes and sets were fabulous and so creative. Even though we were high up in the grand circle we had a fabulous view.
kate, 17 Apr 2023
A must see
Absolutely wonderful
William, 14 Apr 2023
Surprising creative
If you know the story than it's very clear, language is not a problem for children some minor explanation is sufficient.
Jan, 13 Apr 2023
Very good show
Show very very good, stage was brilliant and cast very good. Only negative I would say was the price of Drink , 1 beer and 1 glass of Wine £20:80p . An absolute disgrace, I bought a drink before show not knowning price. I didn’t not get one at interval due to these rip off prices
Stephen, 13 Apr 2023
Excellent a must see
Overall production was excellent. Couldn’t recommend highly enough
Sarah, 31 Mar 2023
It was a marvel from the very beginning. Excellent evening of entertainment. Would recommend it to anyone.
Ian, 30 Mar 2023
Absolutely amazing
Thoroughly enjoyed this show. My wife and I were blown away by the way it played out and the characters were so good.
mark, 19 Mar 2023
Heartwarming visually sensational
I have wanted to take my 8 year old since I first saw this production 20 years ago. The prices for a matinee were unaffordable so we went for an evening performance purchased throw London Theatre week. The theatre was too warm and my son fell asleep after the interval. A real shame. It's a great show but please make the matinée affordable.
Michelle, 19 Mar 2023
A must see
Excellent!! Highly recommend!
Edith, 16 Mar 2023
Amazing show
This was an amazing show. I know some people compare the show now with ones from the past, saying the acting, singing etc was better then - maybe, but it still was a great night, costumes are brilliant. We had a bit of technical issues just before the end of the show, but it took them only 2 minutes to sort it out. One thing that could be improved is the theatre’s bathroom situation, as the long queue to women’s bathroom made me use the entire interval break just for that.
Celina, 15 Mar 2023