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The Lion King - the multi-award winning musical
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It lights up the West End with a blaze of fabulous imagination

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The Lion King

In 1999 The Lion King, already a hit, took to the stage at the Lyceum. In autumn 2014 it was named the 'most successful production of all time'. The Lion King has generated more than £3.8 billion pounds in ticket sales and over 75 million of us have seen and adored it so far. So what's the world's favourite ever musical about?

The action is set against the beautiful Serengeti Plains of Africa. The colours are glorious, the costumes are breathtakingly intricate, the puppetry is extraordinary... and the show tunes, written by Sir Elton John, are quite simply inspirational. You'll love the heart-warming story of little Simba the lion cub, who can't wait to become the king of the pride. But his nasty Uncle Scar has other plans and when tragedy strikes Simba, certain he's unwanted, runs away. Without him the Pride, led by the evil Scar and his hyena henchmen, soon begins to suffer.

An epic journey follows. Will Simba's loyal friends Timon and Pumbaa be able to help put the past behind him? Will he ever become king, heal the great Pride Lands and restore the magic of the circle of life? You'll have to come and see. No matter what your age, tastes or inclinations it'll put a huge smile on your face.

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Young Couples:

So much talent in an amazing production. We want to go again!
Absolutely amazing!
Delia, 03 Jul 2022
Marvelous: how to become kids again
Maria Elena, 03 Jul 2022
Great show
Rafal, 01 Jul 2022
Very creative
Lillian, 29 Jun 2022
Yang Ching, 29 Jun 2022
Absolutely fantastic; amazing
Robin Justin, 28 Jun 2022
Brilliant must see
Must see show. Fantastic!
David, 27 Jun 2022
Amazing lights (jameeel)
fawaz, 26 Jun 2022
Jan Erik, 25 Jun 2022
Simply superb. First one for my daughter and it will be hard to beat!!!!
Aurelie, 25 Jun 2022
Fantastic show. Brilliant costumes and music
Ann, 25 Jun 2022
Must see production
Megan, 25 Jun 2022
Second time I've seen the show and still brilliantly 👏 Can't wait to see it again
Jackie, 24 Jun 2022
Roger, 24 Jun 2022
Very Colourful and Creative
I highly recommend this show. One not to miss. It was full of action from the start to the end. Beautiful and excellent performance. I loved the traditional colourful costumes. The music and song by the cast was from a different planet. Very beautiful voices
Oluremi, 20 Jun 2022
Liat, 18 Jun 2022
Brilliant production of the Lion King
Eimear, 18 Jun 2022
Romans, 16 Jun 2022
The experience was just amazing..had a lovely time with my daughter
Reena, 16 Jun 2022
Simply outstanding
It's incredible. Could tell the entire audience was captivated throughout.
Dayne, 15 Jun 2022
Go and see Lion King before it ends Magic✌️🙌👌🏻👌🏻
This show has the music, dansers . actors
Marianne, 15 Jun 2022
A must see
Chetna, 12 Jun 2022
Anthony, 12 Jun 2022
Mark, 12 Jun 2022
Absolutely stunning! Best musical ever!
Maren, 09 Jun 2022
Amazing, colorful and clever costumes, must see
One of the best show I've see, amazing performance, creative costumes and really nice choreographies !
Clément, 09 Jun 2022
A great spectacle with some disappointing musical moments
The show lived up to the hype in terms of its magnificent costumes and staging. The lead singers in the first act were solid and the rest of the cast were energetic and committed. The second act was a little disappointing. The actors playing the adult Nala and Simba had weaker voices. Simba in particular had a weak speaking voice and patchy singing voice that made it difficult to believe he was the king of the jungle and son of Mufasa, who in stark contrast had a deep, rich voice. The ensemble performance of “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” was also decidedly underwhelming.
Anthony, 09 Jun 2022
Wonderful backdrops and props!
Shiuan Lee, 09 Jun 2022
Wonderful, colourful, fantastic costumes a must see
Marnie, 09 Jun 2022
Michael, 08 Jun 2022
All brilliant 👏 👌 👍
Ruth, 05 Jun 2022
Visual wonder, great energy and performed to a very high standard
Paresh, 03 Jun 2022
Well worth a look
The show is very amusing and the cast is very good.
HONGLI, 01 Jun 2022
Better than the movie
We are from out of town and arrived early. Seats are very comfortable compared to other West End theaters.
CARL, 31 May 2022
Amazing! Amazing 🤩🤩🤩
The show was amazing! Buy tickets now 10/10!
Shani, 31 May 2022
A real spectacle. The costumes are so clever and the acting brilliant. A must see!
Natasha, 27 May 2022
Beyond words
Words are truly missing. Genius all the way. Poetry and beauty. Really mesmerizing
ROUSSEAU, 26 May 2022
Wonderfull world of the lions
Beautifull story that you must see! Thank you to all the actors and the dancers!
Paola Alessia, 26 May 2022
Fantastic show cannot recommend highly enough
The Lion King are The Lyceum Theatre is just brilliant. Great staging & choreography, matches the superlative acting. Brilliant show & completely recommended.
John C, 25 May 2022
Im not always a fan of musicals but this was totally engaging from start to finish. Particularly liked the energy , puppetry and choreography.
John, 24 May 2022
Mike, 24 May 2022
definitely a must-see.
senay, 23 May 2022
Must see
We really enjoyed the show. Loved the music and the costumes! Great for any age!
Katheryn, 21 May 2022
Mohamad, 20 May 2022
Watch the movie instead
The best "number" of the show was the opening. It went downhill from there. The bigger puppets were good and they were less wooden than some of the live actors. The Disney movie does not translate well onto the stage. The use of dancing to replace some of the film sequences left me thinking that the ensemble could have done with 4 weeks more rehearsal. The dancing just wasn't as "slick" as one would expect from a West End Production. Also, the silly hats for the characters faces just did not work as they were practically invisible from the back of the grand circle. This was a song and dance show about animals in the african savannah with an underlying story. Cats didn't really have a story. But it was a song and dance show about animals and it knocked spots off this mediocre offering.
Peter, 20 May 2022
Absolutely fantastic
phillip, 19 May 2022
Singing and energy of the show was fantastic. Overall it was a Good family evening out. Thoroughly recommend for all the family.
Murline, 13 May 2022
The costumes were absolutely amazing the colours and the whole production was just something else
Was worth every penny , and would highly recommend to anyone that has the opportunity to come , it was amazing.
Kate, 13 May 2022
Ron, 12 May 2022
Brilliant production
Fiona, 10 May 2022
Superbly Spectacular Super Show
Ken, 08 May 2022
Absolutely brilliant show!! I am definitely coming back with my children to see it again!
Elizabeth, 07 May 2022
Just awesome
Nathan, 06 May 2022
Well worth going to see. A fantastic show!
Nancy, 04 May 2022
Seats were terrible
Yair, 03 May 2022
Olga, 02 May 2022
Must see, African vibes
Raimond, 02 May 2022
Lion King 30 April 2022
Amazing show. Acting was superb. We had seats on grand circle view was good for not too expensive tickets. Bar good. Didn’t have to wait long. Think show is best for age 10 plus as it is quite long for little ones to sit and concentrate. It was my husband’s first time of seeing the show and he loved it. It was my second time. We thoroughly recommend it and will return one day.
Karen, 01 May 2022
Amazing!!! Fantastic!!!
JOSE, 01 May 2022
Fantastic show
Vivien, 30 Apr 2022
Great show. Avoid the afternoon shows if you want to hear it. Too many school children!
We really enjoyed the show but we’re really disappointed and upset with our seats. We paid £600 for this show and we were surrounded by a huge group of young school children that spent the entire time rustling crisp packets, kicking seats and talking throughout the show. The noise from such a huge group eating and opening packets of food the entire time made it really difficult to actually hear parts of the show and definitely impacted our enjoyment of the performance. I wouldn’t have minded if I had not paid so much money for my tickets. I feel it was unfair to pay such a huge price for these tickets.
Emma, 28 Apr 2022
Wonderful show
Brilliant show - great seats
Bernadette, 28 Apr 2022
first class show
Not a lot to say, it is a first class show that will suit all, costumes are fantastic, would see it again.
Mick, 24 Apr 2022
the only problem is for me the absence of the two young at the end. You must find something for the end of the performance.
FRANCOISE, 23 Apr 2022
Amazing show. Extremely talented artists combing drama, dance and puppeteer skills. It really is a feast for the eyes amazing!!! Must see!
Niamh, 22 Apr 2022
Excellent show
This was an amazing show and everyone in the theatre seemed to enjoy it, the theatre is also excellent
Stephen, 21 Apr 2022
Amazing !!!
I saw the show as a child a few years ago and I was still just as amazed and in awe when I saw it again recently !! What an amazing production also a big shout out to the guys on the bongos they never stopped
Callum, 21 Apr 2022
Karen, 21 Apr 2022
Émotions !
A great show ! Go and enjoy...The atmosphère is amazing. The artists are awesome.You live and féel it. The only bad thing is People eat and leave their rubbish...
Mireille, 20 Apr 2022
Must see show
Fantanstic show a must see for anyone!
Aaron, 17 Apr 2022
A must see
Timo, 15 Apr 2022
Great show
Show was fantastic however during the break we heard part of the toilets where not functioning.
Patrick, 15 Apr 2022
I absolute recommend it! It was amazing...
Ines, 15 Apr 2022
I loved everything of this show. However I would advise other visitors not to buy tickets for grand circle (the cheapest ones). On this area you will be too far from the stage and you will see the actors and stage from the top which will prevent you too see the optical illusions and fully understand the atmosphere they want create. For example, there were a part where they showed a river by shaking a bué fabric. On where I was sat I could see some lights passing behind the fabric and I couldn't understand what it was. Then I realised it was fishes (the optical illusion was creating a river with fishes).
Daniela, 15 Apr 2022
Fantastic show!
Cheryl, 14 Apr 2022
Alison, 14 Apr 2022
Mary, 14 Apr 2022
Zinette, 11 Apr 2022
Fantastic Musical
Had a fantastic time, really amazing performance. So funny and entertaining, and so much fun.
Lucy, 10 Apr 2022
Uri, 08 Apr 2022
The Lion King Brought to Life!
Abigail Marie, 07 Apr 2022
One of the best shows
Clare, 07 Apr 2022
Absolutely brilliant show. Amazing costumes and scenery. The little boy who played Simba was outstanding!
Jocelyn, 06 Apr 2022
Definitely must see
Paul, 03 Apr 2022
Deborah, 02 Apr 2022
A must see !
Sue, 01 Apr 2022
Wonderfully colourful, lively and hopeful
Please wear a mask at the current time. The show was great, whether you’ve know the story or not. Great scenery especially. Stars for me were Rafiki, Timone and Poombah, and Scar.
Richard, 01 Apr 2022
Viktorija, 30 Mar 2022
great show, fabulous costumes and acting, would go and see again and recommend
Anne, 30 Mar 2022
Beautiful show
The show is very beatifuly done, the costumes and set design is stunning.
Vendula, 30 Mar 2022
Great entertainment
Jamie, 26 Mar 2022
rachael, 26 Mar 2022
A must see! For all ages!
A wonderful story, amazing costumes, a "got to see"! Fits all ages.
Guro, 26 Mar 2022
Must watch!
My wife and I haven’t been to many West End shows and wanted to see something popular that has stood the test of time! This show did not disappoint, it made us laugh, it made us cry, and we were left absolutely in awe of a wonderful production! Highly recommended
Ray, 25 Mar 2022
Great costumes
I arrived with a walking stick. They were extremely helpful and took the whole family up in the lift. They also helped at the end of the show. Thank you.
Laurie, 24 Mar 2022
Gianmarco, 24 Mar 2022
Good lively show
Good lively show
Mohamoud, 22 Mar 2022
Show is just amazing 🤩 seen it twice now !! Highly recommend
Yvonne, 20 Mar 2022
Absolutely epic! Loved every second!
Shaan Khan, 20 Mar 2022
Timothy, 20 Mar 2022