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The Lion King - the multi-award winning musical
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It lights up the West End with a blaze of fabulous imagination

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Sunday, 1 August 2021

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Sunday, 3 April 2022

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The Lion King

In 1999 The Lion King, already a hit, took to the stage at the Lyceum. In autumn 2014 it was named the 'most successful production of all time'. The Lion King has generated more than £3.8 billion pounds in ticket sales and over 75 million of us have seen and adored it so far. So what's the world's favourite ever musical about?

The action is set against the beautiful Serengeti Plains of Africa. The colours are glorious, the costumes are breathtakingly intricate, the puppetry is extraordinary... and the show tunes, written by Sir Elton John, are quite simply inspirational. You'll love the heart-warming story of little Simba the lion cub, who can't wait to become the king of the pride. But his nasty Uncle Scar has other plans and when tragedy strikes Simba, certain he's unwanted, runs away. Without him the Pride, led by the evil Scar and his hyena henchmen, soon begins to suffer.

An epic journey follows. Will Simba's loyal friends Timon and Pumbaa be able to help put the past behind him? Will he ever become king, heal the great Pride Lands and restore the magic of the circle of life? You'll have to come and see. No matter what your age, tastes or inclinations it'll put a huge smile on your face.

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Young Couples:

Brilliant show, well worth the money. Really enjoyed it
Andrew, 17 Oct 2021
Absolutely brilliant
Vicki, 17 Oct 2021
Best show I have seen ever
Loved this show would watch it again would recommend to anyone
Kelly Ann, 14 Oct 2021
Worth the visit
Good seats, row C Royal Circle. 2nd half seemed abut long, maybe the story was drawn out roomy h
Mervyn, 14 Oct 2021
Brilliant must see show
I took my 11 year old and 6 year old grandchildren and they loved it. The opening scene was amazing and hooked them them in all the way to the end. We used a booster seat for the youngest which really helped her to see everything. Our seats were good, we had a good view of everything. Would recommend this show to families and even grown ups without children. We loved it.
Maxine, 11 Oct 2021
Fantastic me and my grandchildren loved it !
Everything looked so real and very clever done! I would like to take the rest of my grandchildren to see it but it's a bit on the expensive side.
Malki, 10 Oct 2021
Margarida, 03 Oct 2021
Peter, 03 Oct 2021
i have no words but WOW fantastic goosebumps!!!
abby, 30 Sep 2021
Excellent show
Dian, 29 Sep 2021
Amazing Production
The show was excellent. My only slight criticism was that certain pieces, (eg. the Hyenas) were very loud. My wife had to partly block her ears. I normally wear hearing aids, but I mistakenly left them at home, which actually was a blessing in disguise, but it in no way spoiled the show for either of us. It was fabulous.
Christopher, 27 Sep 2021
Must See family show
Perfect for everyone from the age of 7 upwards - younger if they are able to sit still and not fidget
Denise, 26 Sep 2021
Am amazing experience!
Hayley, 20 Sep 2021
Great night out
Wonderful music, great atmosphere
Sarah, 17 Sep 2021
Absolutely Brilliant
I took my granddaughter who is 10 and she absolutely enjoyed it - she does not normally sit still for more than 10 mins but was still all through the show - the costumes were fantastic
Jennifer, 15 Sep 2021
Must See!
Excellent from start to finish. Well organised team, great staff & bar. The production was exceptional. Lively, colourful, fun. You could feel the music.A must see for all the family.
Shaneka, 12 Sep 2021
Very creative kids loved i
Deborah, 12 Sep 2021
Fantastic performance!
Colourful, energetic, fantastic acting and singing. Appeals to all ages. Great day out!
Caroline, 11 Sep 2021
What an outstanding show!!! Absolutely incredible from start to finish - the costumes, the sets, the music and performances, every little bit of this show felt magical and transported you to the heart of the story. I was mesmerised the entire time and would highly recommend it to anyone!
Molly, 11 Sep 2021
Magical evening
Jean, 10 Sep 2021
The show was breath-taking. The costume design was incredible. The dancers were phenomenal! The show itself is a masterpiece and a spectacular to behold. Some moments throught the show were so passionate they reminded me if home and moved me to tears, it was beautiful.
Anna, 08 Sep 2021
All was amazing. We're with husband been very happy. Recommended for all it, supper.
Albina, 04 Sep 2021
Brilliantly put together, costumes excellent
Not been to Lyceum before just found the 75 steps to climb to Grand Circle a little hard for oap
Joan, 02 Sep 2021
Excellent show!
Sze Wan, 07 Aug 2021
Lion king is incredible!
Brilliant show, third time viewing and gets better everything. Recommend to anyone. Staff polite and actors & actresses are brilliant.
Robert , 02 Feb 2015
fantastic show!
The Lion King is the most wonderful extravaganza of colour, costume and excellent acting, that you could possibly hope for.
Phil, 01 Feb 2015